My brother was 17 when he died by suicide, and I was 12, our brother Francois was 16 at the time. He was scientifically minded and interested in insects, nature, geography, chemistry, and could speak 3 languages... French Dutch and German

Benoit Haller

I believe he might have nowadays been diagnosed with Autism, and definitely was also very gifted. He was socially awkward, and probably a classic nerd, nothing wrong with that… I, like him, like a few nerdy things like… Star Trek… Some of my good memories with him are: going to see Return of the Jedi at the movies just him and I, playing games: invented games – we had our own pretend village at home and both my brothers and I would regularly elect a new mayor, would pretend to have a post office (we made stamps), and a few other things a village would have… and electronic games which he introduced me to.

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  1. Nicole Rhomson

    Beautiful tribute Claire

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