Francois was 49 when he died by suicide. He was a creative person who loved circus, music, beautiful things. He was extremely social, and knew so many people it was hard to go down the street without meeting anyone for more than 2 minutes. He was very much loved by many.

Francois Haller

Francois was also a carer of my parents for a number of years. A difficult task which he did admirably well.

Some of the things I cherish… He taught me how to juggle and do magic tricks.. and how to breathe fire when I was a teenager. We performed for festivals and aged care facilities. He would tell me when there were circus or music shows to watch in Melbourne, or when the French film festival was on.. all the way from France where he kept an eye on what was happening on my side of the world.  He payed for Circus shows for me like He loved cooking and we shared that love of refined food. He was very caring and dedicated to his family and loved his niece and nephew. He visited me in Australia quite a few times, and I particularly cherished a visit to Sydney with him.

He fought for many causes, including fight for gay marriage, and equal love for everyone… and supported art performers fight for better remuneration and recognition.

Shared by Claire.

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