Our Siblings

May they live in our hearts forever....

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Benoit Haller Benoit Haller

My brother was 17 when he died by suicide, and I was 12, our brother Francois was 16 at the time. He was scientifically minded and interested in insects, nature, geography, chemistry, and could speak 3 languages… French Dutch and German

Bren Bren

March 29, 2007 (Aged 27)

Daughter to Kiaran and Patsy. Sister to Kieran, Ray and Damian.

Loved and never forgotten.

Chris Chris

My brother Chris was 35 when he took his own life in 2003. He is loved and missed everyday

Corey Brasher Corey Brasher

My darling brother, my bestfriend, my entire universe
Forever 25
I miss you in every step I take

Francois Haller Francois Haller

Francois was 49 when he died by suicide. He was a creative person who loved circus, music, beautiful things. He was extremely social, and knew so many people it was hard to go down the street without meeting anyone for more than 2 minutes. He was very much loved by many.

Jake Jake

Jake suddenly at 25. Our angel in heaven 💘

Jamie Jamie

Jamie was 25 when he died by suicide. He was so caring, kind, giving. He was socially awkward but joked around to make it easier for himself. He loved board games and did anything for me and our mum even if he didn’t want to. Forever missing my little brother who towered over me 💔

Jeremy David McNess Jeremy David McNess

Died 13 September 1993. Aged 26.
We miss you … but your warmth, sense of fun, and love of all that the world offers, always guides and enriches us.

Laura Jane Laura Jane

Passed away 22/6/2022 after waiting 13 months for double lung transplant.
We will never understand why we lost you after all you endured.
Laura was a mother, wife and most importantly our baby girl.
Forever missed.