Jamie was 25 when he died by suicide. He was so caring, kind, giving. He was socially awkward but joked around to make it easier for himself. He loved board games and did anything for me and our mum even if he didn’t want to. Forever missing my little brother who towered over me 💔


There are to many memories. Growing up we did everything together. Danced around the Christmas tree to “it’s a HI-5 Christmas”, the Gold Coast theme parks where we went on all the rides together, going through Starbucks or McDonald’s drive thru’s on our way to the shops.

I was 27 when he passed. Just had a baby girl who he was the best uncle to for those short three months. We were each others best friend.

Getting to travel overseas and see where our nana and pop grew up and got married in Edinburgh, going around Europe, UK and Ireland together. These are memories I will forever be grateful for. I’m glad I had these experiences with him.

He did so many things because I wanted to and he knew it would make me happy. He never enjoyed going out but he did it for me.


I’m heartbroken I can no longer hear his laugh, or have just one more of those big hugs. He was my little brother but he really was the big brother 💔

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